How to Apply

Day Program

Applications for our Day programs are submitted using our online application system. All applications, including required documents, must be received through our online application system. Applications received by the deadline are given priority for admission to programs, provided they meet all the admission requirements.

A few questions…

What are the pre-requisites to apply to a CEGEP?

All applicants to a CEGEP for any given DEC program must have the Quebec Secondary School Diploma or the equivalent

In addition to the above basic admission requirement, some programs have other requirements and/or pre-requisites.

This information is available through your high school guidance counselor.

If I don't have all the pre-requisites for the program that I am considering, how do I get them?

Specific pre-requisites of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Physical Science can be taken at a CEGEP, Continuing Education, in high school, or at adult education centres. Please note that students cannot use the courses taken at a CEGEP to complete their Diploma of Secondary Studies.

If you are currently in high school, please contact your guidance counselor as soon as possible in order to complete the pre-requisites for the program of your choice.

Last Modified: September 4, 2019