General Education

General Education

All programs leading to a College diploma include General Education courses: English, French, Humanities and Physical Education. These are divided into three separate blocks:

  • General education courses common to all programs: 3 English, 3 Physical Education, 2 Humanities and 1 French
  • General education courses specific to the chosen program: 1 English, 1 Humanities and 1 French (better known as Block B courses)
  • Complementary general education courses (2)

Complementary Courses

Two complementary courses are required for graduation. Complementary courses are given in the following domains (areas):

Students must select their complementary courses from domains accessible to their programs and from disciplines outside those used in their fields of concentration. Students must select their complementary courses from one or two different domains.

Each domain is divided into two ensembles (BW__, BX__). A maximum of one course may be taken per ensemble per domain. Wherever possible, students should check graduation requirements for information on which domains may be taken in their programs, or consult with Academic Advising.

Note: Not all courses described below are offered every term; check the College Timetable for specific information.

Last Modified: August 18, 2023