Student Health Services (room 2D.2) is dedicated to general health promotion and education, and to helping students learn new strategies contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Here, you will also find a safe and confidential environment to discuss safe sex, safe drug and alcohol use, and healthy relationships.

  • Must have a valid student ID for all services. 
  • A medicare card is required for certain tests and to see the doctors . 
  • All services are CONFIDENTIAL and FREE.

Nursing Services

  • Lifestyle habits counselling and skills development (stress management, nutrition, physical activity, smoking cessation)
  • Contraceptive counseling and prescription for initiating, changing and renewing contraception
  • Administering the morning-after pill
  • Administration of Depo Provera
  • Pregnancy testing
  • STI prevention and testing
  • Other health issues and general health questions
Health Education Nurse
Julie Drolet
Office: 2D.2-3
Local: 1128

Health Education Nurse
Julie Gosselin
Office: 2D.2-2
Local: 1124
Maria Ann Darkowski
Office: 2D.2
Local: 1206

Medical Services

Offered from September to May.

For an APPOINTMENT with any of the health professionals below, send a MIO to Julie Drolet (nurse) or contact the secretary at (514) 931-8731 ext. 1206.

General Practitioner/Doctor

  • General health issues (ex. infections, injuries, pain, etc.)
  • Available on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Please note: For STI testing and contraception, see the nurses.

  • Any gynecological issue (painful periods, gynecological infections, etc.)
  • Gynecological exam (student must be 21 years old for Pap test)
  • Prescription for IUD (intrauterine device) birth control
  • STI testing (sexually transmitted infections)
  • Available on Tuesday mornings, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.


Please note: You must have a written referral from a general practitioner or family doctor to see the psychiatrist. Please bring the referral to 2D.2 as soon as you have it or attach to a MIO and send it to Julie Drolet.

  • Anxiety, recurrent panic attacks, mood issues/depression, bipolar disorder
  • PTSD, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • Addictions
  • Other mental health issues
  • Available on Monday mornings and afternoons, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Last Modified: January 8, 2020